Copy Cat == A new superhero on the job with a new power of duplication she finds it best to skim or completely skip the law when she thinks it is for the greater good. Her civilan is yhat of history teacher Cassandra Felin. And at one time taught the Pyro, Ignis. Her main villain is War-Cry who at one time was her best friend.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Duplication: Can create infinite copies of herself all of which have the same memories and personalities. ( Unless of course her dupes have had expirences that change them or their personality.

Apt historian: Expert at history

Amateur gymnest: Once did gym and college and knows a few tricks.

Martial artist: 1st dan black belt in karate

Skill Level
Intelligence 4
Strength 3
Speed 6
Fighting Skills 6
Energy Projetion 3

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