The Crimson Fist = A city kid born and bred The Crimson Fist is New Atlanta symbol with powers like Super Strength, Flight and Adaptive Respiration the Crimson Fist is definitely a force to be reckoned with. H is civilan identity Peter Murphey is an artist for movies and video games.

The Crimson fist was one of the first superheroes of New Atlanta he is arguabley one of the most powerful.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Super-Strength: At last count he was capable of lifting 40 tns.

Flight: Able to minorly manipulate the molecules in his body alllowing him flight.

Adaptive Respiration: A minor ability allowing him to survive in otherwise uninhabitable areas

Apt Artist: He is an able artist.

The Crimson Fist is an Alpha level mutant.


His favourite colour is red. His favourite food is margherita pizza.

Skill Level
Intellignece 4
Strength 6
Speed 3
Fighting Skills
Energy Projection 1

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