Everyman== Everyman is a normal human who takes special pills that allow him to have parahuman powers. He was the head of genetics at Genetx a position that carried a lot of power. When he found out that that Genetx was experimenting on mutants. He caused a breakout of the mutants and got fired but not before he swiped the special pills that allowed him to have superpowers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He has no superhuman powers himself.

Genius geneticist: He was the head of genetics at pharmecutical company Genetx.

Powers given to him by the pills.

Super-Strength: If he takes the brown pill he will gain superstrength

Super-Speed: If he takes the red pill he will gain superspeed

Telekinesis: If he takes the blue pill he will gain telekinesis

Telepathy: If he takes the Grey pill he will gain telepathy.

Skill Level
Intelligence 7
Strength 3 6 *
Speed 2 5*
Fighting Skills 5
  • From the pills

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