An extrahuman speedster who robs banks to help his ailing daughter.

Real name Peter Petrovski, An immigrant from Russia he spent is childhood in New Atlanta and spent his young adult life travelling the world He came back a few years before the accident and got married he had a child. She contracted Lukemia and he tried to find ways to raise money for her condition. After the flash he found that he had superhuman speed and began robbing banks to help her condition. He was stopped by the Crimson Fist but managed to escape.

Powers and abilities Edit

Frenzy is a speedster capable of moving at tremendous speeds.

His legs are capable of super strength in his lower body demonstrated when he was wedged between a bus and a burning building he managed to move the bus by pushing on the bus.

Skill Level
Intelligence 4
Strength 5
Speed 8
Fighting Skills 3

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