New Atlanta

After Atlanta was flooded, the surviving citizens decided to rebuild a city new and improved city called New Atlanta (How original). A model city that all others looked upon, but New Atlanta has it’s own fair share of crime, with neighbor-hoods like Devil’s Alley and Bigtown and crime lords like Jumpstart and Helios it’s not only a city to be admired but a city to be feared.

2008: The accident that caused the Atlantean earthquake was a meteor that crashed into the ocean was infested with Alien Spores that along with the radioactive material used in WW2 provided the last evolutionary step to give superhumans their powers.


The architecture that surrounds New Atlanta is state of the art with monuments like the United Bridge and The Tower of Atlanta, which doubles as a memorial to commemorate those who died in the flood. Other monuments and buildings include The Charles Helniman Hospital and The Skygate Tower as well as Marth Carter Museum and many other villages that have commemorated various people in New Atlanta. There are also various Government projects like GeneForge labs and MedForge, which help further the New Atlantean population through medicine and genetics.


The New Atlantean transportation system is new and improved with tram like carts called Faders which travel round the city like trains through the air. Faders are quick and renewable and are power by solar power panels, which rest on the top of the Fader. Fader’s rest on roofless sheds which power up Faders when they are not on duty.


The current Mayor of New Atlanta Ezra Cisum a republican. The New Atlantean government system is a tiered system with two pyramids Ezra Cisum on one and Joseph McDonald.

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